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Max - Athlete, Angler and Model

  Growing up on the banks of the Willow Creek, Max had spent countless hours casting his line into its crystal-clear waters. With each lure, he communed with the serene rhythms of nature, honing his skills until he became renowned as the most skillful angler in the region. Click here to view/buy
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The Tasks of Leadership Vol. 1 Issue: II

The Tasks of Leadership is a great tool for Small Unit Leadership to understand and apply the knowldge and skills needed as a leader. Click here to learn more or to buy.

Fleet Week Items

Purchase Fleet Week Items at our store - ABOUT FLEET WEEK Fleet Week is an annual event in several cities across the United States where active military ships, usually part of the U.S. Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard, are docked at major cities for a week. During this time, the ships are open for public tours, and various demonstrations and events are held to honor the contributions of the maritime services. The primary objectives of Fleet Week include: Celebration of Service : Honoring and celebrating the men and women who serve in the Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard. Public Engagement : Allowing the public to tour ships and interact with service members, fostering a better understanding and appreciation of military life and operations. Demonstrations and Exhibitions : Featuring a range of activities such as air shows, search and rescue demonstrations, military band performances, and other displays of military capability and technology. Tribute to Sacrifice : Payi

Warrior Days - Call Sign Phantom 1-2

  Warrior Days - Call Sign Phantom 1-2.  A snapshot of a warrior's life. Three-day battle in Somalia. A murdered Marine in Mexico. Covert operations in the United States. A true leader among warriors, humanity, and his family, call sign "PHANTOM 1-2". For paperback on Amazon  click here Hardcover purchase: click here

Cedar Grove McArthur - Short Story

  About the Book Book 1/2. My interview with Cedar Grove McArthur, the Spy of Spies. His father was a German SS/SD Officer, and his mother was murdered. Cedar, at age five, was stabbed, and he escaped with the help of a US Marine patrol to the United States. This thriller of mystery, action, and truth will shock you. The Spy who fooled us all, or did he? Read more by purchasing my book. Click here  ISBN  9798881477615

954store 2024 Items

  I am excited to announce our 2024 custom m ilitary T-shirts and gift items . We offer thousands of custom designs for you to choose from.   Visit us at

The Tasking of Leadership

          L eadership has many forms of mental and physical demands, which can become overwhelming and, at times, feel impossible to maintain, and that is to be expected. The trick is to manage emotions and physical demands to keep a favorable attitude to lead your troops; easier said than done. I have seen my fellow leaders fall into the trap of negativity, which is contagious and most devastating for everyone under their leadership, and as leaders, we all experience the trap; however, the difference is not to sink in the quicksand but to elevate and escape and forge on mentally.  Read more by purchasing my book   "Tasking of Leadership"